Eggs on the way soon!

Well, now. Part of the past year’s activities involved the three little day old chicks that arrived here on May 1. You might recall the changes we made for them, from cardboard box to kennel on the porch, to borrowed mobile coop, to their palatial digs in the field near our gardens. Up to now the chicks have been a project that felt most like having new pets or starting a new garden. Its been a gradual process of trying to provide good housing, temperatures, food and space at their different stages. To my surprise, the egg laying part of this whole thing is now within sight. I learned a new term recently, “point of lay”, the age at which pullets can begin to lay eggs, which for these ladies is 18 weeks on. I will post about this impending event promptly, as I bet you are almost as excited as we are to see this little home-scale egg farm make good!

brand new!
brand new!
two months
two months
four months old
coop and field
outstanding in our field

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