The Hosta or “Why don’t you just….”-“Have you tried…” -“I can get you some…”

Its time to talk about why cancer is treated so seriously, and is so different from most of the afflictions we endure in our brief lives. Cancer is an opportunistic, parasitic entity that operates with great patience, stealth and intelligence. You know how they say that God is everywhere, patient, loving and good? Cancer functions … More The Hosta or “Why don’t you just….”-“Have you tried…” -“I can get you some…”


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More than 20 free masterclasses run by talented older people aged 70+ held across eight Hoxton venues. Performances from older group, Claremont Dancers, and 1940s Bella Donna and Swing Patrol. Older people and their young protégés take over Hoxton Square for one day only. On Saturday 13 June,…

An ordinary day

There is something very valuable, precious even, about an ordinary day now. Of course, mid-June is a gift always, and in this most northern New England state, even more so. Yesterday Ann came for supper, carrying a bundle of flowers that just emanated June.  This morning, they were sinking over the edges of the deep … More An ordinary day

Let Evening Come

Let Evening Come Let the light of late afternoon shine through the chinks in the barn, moving up the bales as the sun moves down… Let dew collect on the hoe abandoned in long grass. Let the stars appear and the moon disclose her silver horn. Let the fox go back to its sandy den. … More Let Evening Come


The last two days were such happy ones. I can hardly believe I said that, since using the word “happy” was not a preference of mine until recently. I spent a large part of my earlier life aspiring to be cool, and we all know that coolness is not generally characterized by such wholesome and … More Happy