The Birth of Spring

This winter’s end has been mild, snowless and unusually benign. Although its given some days the raw, discouraging gray-brown  of November, much of the time it has looked bright and felt hopeful and encouraging to me. Now that it is official, spring has, paradoxically, come in with a blanket of snow and a no-school day. … More The Birth of Spring

Fall 2015

We are on the other side of New Year’s day, and I have been thinking over what the last four months have offered me, and what I would find gratifying to write about. During the fall I unintentionally left the blog, and my esteemed readers, in the lurch, which is exactly what I did not want … More Fall 2015

On Being Mortal

“We’ve been wrong about what our job is in medicine. We think our job is to ensure health and survival. But really it is larger than that. It is to enable well-being. … Whenever serious sickness or injury strikes and your body or mind breaks down, the vital questions are the same: What is your … More On Being Mortal


I got out of bed on two strong legs. It might have been otherwise. I ate cereal, sweet milk, ripe, flawless peach. It might have been otherwise. I took the dog uphill to the birch wood. All morning I did the work I love. At noon I lay down with my mate. It might have been otherwise. We ate dinner together at a table with silver candlesticks. It … More Otherwise